Our Story

Flying Changes Equine Rescue was born in March of 2015 when a local equine rescue announced abruptly that it was closing its doors.  Three women, current and former rescue volunteers Sarah Susa, Annamaria Carrington, and Angie Dannelley, stepped forward to take responsibility for the horses left behind.  After some major soul-searching, these women decided that rather than simply finding homes for these horses, they wanted to continue with the mission of helping abused, neglected, and abandoned horses in the Pittsburgh area, and Flying Changes was born. 

A “flying change” is a movement in riding in which the leading leg of the canter is changed while the horse is in the air, without breaking gait.  Done correctly, the flying change is a beautiful movement, requiring strong communication and trust between horse and rider.  At “Flying Changes,” we seek to replicate this communication by learning the specific strengths and needs of each of our rescues and matching our horses with the perfect forever homes, benefitting both horses and humans alike.

Flying Changes took on our first official rescue (in addition to the five horses surrendered to us at our formation) in April of 2015 – a kind, gentle Morgan pony our Facebook followers named “Tilly,” who came to us severely underweight, matted, and sick.  A month after Tilly’s arrival, she is clear-eyed and peppy, and slowly putting on weight.  Watching Tilly’s transformation has motivated and inspired our young organization, and we look forward to helping horses like Tilly for years to come.